About the Book

Insomnia: Two Wives,

Childhood Memories and Crazy Dreams

It was so many years ago when I first met her, but almost like  yesterday. Charlene, the love of my life, dominated my thoughts  deep into the night and early morning hours. After seven years,  I still grieved like a lost puppy missing its mom. Insomnia can  be dreadful, incurable in some cases, I suppose. Married  sixty-three years, Charlene left me looking as beautiful as the day she stepped into my life on her way home from high school  to say hello to Onalee, her next-door girlfriend.

Wearing my  Army uniform on my first military pass, I knew I had to see more of this beautiful girl, but Charlene made it clear that  wouldn’t happen. “I’m going steady,” she said. “He’s in the  service. He’s away now.” With that bombshell, Charlene walked  out the door. Onalee, the boyfriend’s younger sister, turned to  me, and shrugged with a small smile. “Guess she’s unavailable  Jack.” Unavailable? I didn’t need a dictionary to define the  word. But unavailable? She’s right next door…and probably long  overdue for a fun weekend.

My sleepy girlfriend, stirred, planted  her feet on the floor, yawned, ran her hand through her hair and rose. “Be right back honey,” she mumbled, and headed for the  bathroom. I checked the clock, grimaced, then resumed my trek  down memory lane.

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